SEWA (Saroop Educational Welfare Aid Society Regd. No. DIC/333 of 2002) is focused on social welfare activities aimed at alleviation of human suffering and all-round development of the community especially for the poor, helpless & weaker sections.

We are engaged in working for the welfare of underprivileged children and women in the field of Education, Healthcare and Livelihood. Most of the areas where we are working have acute poverty, lack of basic facilities, lack of awareness, rampant unemployment. Education for children is provided through formal and informal schools. Vocational centers provide computers and vocational training for youth. Addressing their immediate development needsand empowering them to become conscious agents of their own destiny.

Our goal is to empower Women through co-operative activities and income generation and employment schemes; Monitoring and hashing with appropriate government departments.

We welcome any feedback and further suggestions to help us serve better in humanitarian and development fields. In this respect, we invite you to explore our website which will offer you more information on our activities.

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Volunteering is a contribution deeply seated in the ideals of mutual understanding, resourcefulness and a sense of helpfulness.Volunteers are the soul of the social givers.

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If you want to be a part of the noble vision of bringing a change in the lives of the affected people you need to take the first step. Join hand in hand as we can together replace the inadequacies in ...

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